Created in 1997, originally named "Cniid", Zero Waste France is an independent association consisted by citizens, which acts towards all publics to contribute three missions:
1) Informing and explaining the issues
The association analyses and explains the challenges of waste management such as overconsumption of resources, pollution, economic and social implications. They also informs citizens and other stakeholders about the solutions and means that can enable them to act on this situation.
2) Advancing public policy
Zero Waste France also calls on the public authorities to advance regulations in the direction of zero waste approach and to make the voice of citizens heard in the development of public policies.
3) Supporting the actors on the field
They also advises, trains and creates tools to help local authorities, entrepreneurs and local associations to implement the zero waste approach.
Observation1: the current identities
 These are their current logo and the ones of their local groups. What do you see from them? The logo system works well because all the logos have its identity of the region on a green circle, so we can see that they are same brands at first glance. However, When I saw the logo at first time, I thought it looked too corporate, specially for an independent association consisted by citizens. And also, I found some of the local groups has "Zéro Déchet" (Zero Waste in French language) for the names. I really understand it because they are based in France and they use "zéro déchet" in their activities, so I questioned to myself: Can "ZW" be really the identity of the association?​​​​​​​
Observation 2: The vision and How to do zero waste
The association has a vision in the frame of ecological transition: from the linear economy to the circular economy. And to accomplish it, they suggest the 5R's concept:
1. Refuse - 2. Reduce - 3. Reuse - 4. Recycle - 5. Rot​​​​​​​
Arrow of transition

Starting the zero waste is a transition. A transition of life style, community, countries, and the world. The arrows in the logo could be used to suggest these transitions.​​​​​​​
This project has been started by my curiosity. I hope this idea would not be "waste", neither.
By the way, do you want to start zero waste? Let's start!

Photo credit: Unsplash, freepik​​​​​​​
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