Konnichiwa! I am Akihiro, a Japanese independent identity designer.

Since opening my business in 2013, I have created logos and visual identities for brands in more than 15 countries. By creating a simple yet distinctive shape, I love to help people find and visualize their uniqueness.
Intentionally working with small companies, non-profits, and individuals, I use my design skill with those who make positive impacts.
Aesthetically good, ethically good
A legend graphic designer Massimo Vignelli once said “the life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness”.

But today, not just as a designer but also as a global citizen facing climate crisis and so many social problems caused by excessive capitalism and consumerism, I want to add another fight: fight against exploitative giants. Identity design, once used for identifying individuals and small cooperation, is now used as a booster for consuming mass-products of multinational companies under the name of branding. Aesthetically good design may have been enough for 20th century but now it is not enough. Ethically good design is called.

Through working as pro-bono at two grassroots educational non-profits for which I created visual identity, I realized that I love visualizing uniqueness and meanings of people shaping better world
I write on
Identity Design 
Showcase of identity design projects (in general), quotes from designers, and personal thoughts on identity design.
good identity good 
Showcase of aesthetically good identity design projects for ethically good acts.
On design, life, environment, etc. Most in English but sometimes in Japanese or in French.
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What I do
Creative direction
Visual identity
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In others' words
A true professional. Creative, visionary. Akihiro conveyed complex concepts with simple and immediate design.
– Giulia Lapertosa, Co-founder, Carriere.it
We would like to thank you for your work Akihiro. He achieved the exact idea we were looking for.
– Ana Tejón Rodizza, Sustainable Architect, Freshape
It was an incredible journey! Akihiro was really creative. Because he envisioned something that fully encompassed my idea, but made it work. I am very confident that he doesn’t only created a simple logo for my clinic, he created a brand that helps me to set myself apart from everybody else. 
– Markus Weslowski, OsteYou
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