Plastic Free Venice Lagoon is a non-profit organization based in Venice, which acts as a platform for membership and coordination between organizations and individuals in order to manage large-scale clean operations in the historic center, lagoon and eaves territories, including the mainland.​​​​​​​
Why redesign? Because I love Venice!
Personally, I love Venice. I have been there only once but I always want to go back there. And as a designer specialized in identity design with a passion to help people, specially who acts for the planet, I was looking for some organizations in Venice. 
The current logo (below "Before") is easy to understand what they do because of the pet bottle, but it's missing an identity of Venice, the one of the most distinctive city in the world.
While keeping the overall similarity to the current logo, the new logo (below "After") has an identity of Venice, the gondola and the gondolier, which shows their activity in clever and funny way.

This is my personal concept work so the logo is not real, however, it is real that there are many people like the logo in Venice.
Thanks to them for keeping the Venice lagoon clean.

Photo credits: Plastic Free Venice Lagoon, Unsplash, freepik
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