OsteYou is a private osteopathy clinic in Dresden, Germany.
After studying in Idstein and completing the Bachelor and the Master degree of Science in Osteopathy, Dr. Markus Weslowski, the founder of OsteYou, had been working in various practices in the Rhine-Main area. And he has supported the Association of Osteopathic Germany eV, the largest osteopathic association in Germany, as an advisory board since 2017. And in 2019, he finally opened his own clinic.​​​​​​​
Almost all the osteopathy clinics have logos with pictogram of the spine, knee, or other body parts. Or others have hands on the back. But Dr. Weslowski wanted his logo to stand out. He wanted something brings new and fresh air.
As the name itself tells, “you” is definitely important. OsteYou is an osteopathy specialist who is looking at you, at your bones, with well experienced background.
The icon of “Oy” comes from the image of Andrew Taylor Still —the founding father of Osteopathy— looking into a bone in his hands. And also, it represents the concept: I am looking at you, your bones.​​​​​​​
It was an incredible journey! Akihiro was really creative. Because he envisioned something that fully encompassed my idea, but made it work. I am very confident that he doesn't only created a simple logo for my clinic, he created a brand that helps me to set myself apart from everybody else. 

- Markus Weslowski, OsteYou​​​​​​​

Photo credits: osteyou.de

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