Musical Kazo is an amateur musical group in Kazo-city, Saitama, Japan.
Founded in 2012 to make a place for people who wants to play with art, music, and culture, Musical Kazo consisted by around 50 members from 5 to around 70 years old, has lessons on every weekend and plays annual stages every summer.
“Our dream is playing on a stage in New York in 10 years”.

While the founder of the group Mr. Orihara said above, he also said that even though they are like paper airplanes given that pro musical singers and dancers are jet planes, they would fly to New York.
The logo is consisted with stylized paper airplane of which wings come from the letter “M” and a circle suggesting the earth and harmony of musical.
At the launching event, they threw off airplanes from the stage (above). 
Takamitsu Asemi , a pro singer and the chief conductor of the group, asked me to create a pattern for annual stage posters (below). The posters symbolize the messages in each plays, using the logo dynamically.
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