Our world is more connected than ever before. But people with disabilities are still isolated in many places and situations.
But why it happens? Because education for people with disabilities have not been updated. And sometimes we see them same “disabled people”, even though they do have different disabilities. It is needed to fill the lack of updates and innovation in available training materials for organizations working with disabled people.
Co-founded by the European Union, InTouch is a project aiming at bringing innovation in non-formal education activities and higher quality learning in youth work for youngsters with mobility and sensory disabilities.
The project enhances the possibilities for individuals with disabilities to participate in different activities, to have more access to opportunities, which will lead them to be more integrated into the society.
The hand directly shows that the project is about accessibility for people with disability. Colorful lines stand for the fact every disabled person is different —they have different disabilities hence it is obviously natural to have multiple paths to archive the project's vision.
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