Established in Switzerland, China, and Singapore, Freshape is a tech company offering sustainable and patented in-house developed technologies which help people to live in harmony with nature.
The idea behind the company's name is that as apes, we humans have to wake up and work together to save the planet we are living on. There is also a meaning around the fact that as apes that can learn from humans and communicate, behave like us, we have to re-educate ourselves on how to behave with our environment.
Shape of what shapes a fresh future
To show that we should stand up for our planet Earth, as an existence literally standing on the ground, I created an ape's face with the word “ape” on a circle which subtly indicates the planet. The fresh lime green stands for an ecological stance of the company and the bold typeface is a voice to say what we all should archive together: environmental revolution. 

We would like to thank you for your work Akihiro. He achieved the exact idea we were looking for.
– Ana Tejón Rodizza, Sustainable Architect, Freshape
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