Based in Dena'ina Ełnena, the homeland of the Denaʼina —an Alaska Native Athabaskan group, Creative Flow Collective is committed to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive space where all justice-involved youth experience a strong sense of belonging through the lens of artistic expression.
Creative Flow Collective helps youth in detention facilities and treatment programs embrace their creativity, recognize their potential, and tell their story in a way that is powerful and transformative in nature. Fueled by a belief that there is healing, liberation, and understanding found within artistic expression, the organization provides meaningful pathways for youth to express their voices via authentic storytelling and other arts experiences.
I created a bold word mark of which “f” suggests “forte” —the dynamic marking in music meaning “strong”— to represent that the organization strengthens youths' confidence.

Akihiro is a great designer to work with. He came up with a creative design, great explanation of his thought process, made good suggestions, and was always quick to reply to my messages.
– Lila Felice, Founder, Creative Flow Collective
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