Every single year we “produce” 1.3 gigatons of food waste on a global scale. Discarded edible food produces a staggering 67 million metric tons of methane —accumulate to 20% of the total methane output fueling the climate crisis.
With the world's first full-loop composting system, Poplar simplifies food waste collection, connection, and monitoring of positive impact. Consciously designed Smart Bin makes composting not only easier and accessible, but also beautiful. Poplar Impact Tracker keeps users connected to local Compost Concierge and receive measurable insights on the impact being made in Bozeman, Big Sky, Livingston, Belgrade in Montana, US, and beyond are contributing to the greater fight for sustainability and reducing waste on a global scale.
The name —Poplar— was chosen hoping that the system grows rapidly and widely, as the poplar tree grows fast and the root system is expansive. Poplar's logo represents how the system turns wastes something positive.  
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